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Why you SHOULD be buying garden equipment NOW!!!

Let’s face it 

while autumn is undoubtedly a season of stunning colours and fresh, crisp mornings, it is hardly the time of year when our gardens look their most presentable. As the weather becomes colder and wetter, the idea of weeding and general garden maintenance becomes less appealing, but this really is the time to be prepping your garden in readiness for the spring.

Luckily, there is now such a variety of garden power tools available on the market that even the most back-breaking of tasks has been made manageable and more efficient so that getting your garden looking spick and span throughout the winter months does not have to be a daunting task.
At this time of year, leaf blowers and garden vacs are a must-have and can rapidly transform a leaf-strewn lawn from looking like Mr Messy’s backyard to a neat and tidy garden in minutes. Power equipment such as these make a huge difference and are practical and easy to use. If you have a composter, make sure you put all your leaf-litter into this to increase nutritional richness.

Take advantage of the remaining dry days to mow lawns, strim untidy edges and smarten up borders. Many lawnmowers are light-weight and can compact more volume of grass cuttings than ever before. If using a lawnmower is definitely not for you, why not invest in a robot lawnmower? These are becoming increasingly popular and many will operate in all weathers, with sophisticated technology that copes with all types of lawns and even return to the docking station to recharge, leaving you to simply curl up indoors with a cuppa.

Hedges often become unwieldy unless they are maintained regularly and it is tempting to let them go over the winter, however this can cause problems if they obstruct other plants or encroach onto property outside your own. Trim them down to take care of trailing or drooping limbs as this will also help the pruning tasks in the spring. Some shrubs will benefit from being properly pruned in autumn but these will usually be hardy plants or soft fruits such as currants, so if you are unsure, simply cut back to make the plant more contained and prune as normal in spring. For large hedges and bushes, electric hedge trimmers are ideal and will give a beautiful, neat finish in no time at all. There are even power tools available for smaller work, so why not invest in some electric secateurs? These will take the strain off your hands and arms as they have significant cutting power and will prevent those pesky blisters, too!

Don’t forget patios and paths. Sprucing them up now will keep them looking nice through to next year and also reduce the risk of slipping on built-up grime and wet leaves. Pressure washers come with a range of power and accessories, so forget the scrubbing brush; use a pressure washer on slabs and decking to blast away muck and moss and get the perfect finish.

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