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If like many people you're short on time and don't have the hours to trundle around your nearest garden centre, QVC has the solution. A transparent online superstore, offering everything you could possibly need under one online "roof". The website itself is easily found and straightforward to navigate, allowing searches by category: and as well as your standard online store, it offers helpful how-to guides and articles on plants and gardening tools.

Finding the Right Product


Browsing is about as simple as it gets; the site even recommends the top brands before you begin searching, giving you a solid overall picture before you begin. You can then customise your search by product type or brand, then for plants the list is endless- you can search for everything from price to bloom colour to planting zone. 

Each product has its own detailed description, product video, price and retail comparison, ensuring you're getting the best deal possible. Product videos are increasingly useful when shopping online as they show the product in use, give a good idea of the size of the item and often show set up if the item is convertible. QVC also make item customisation are simple as possible, with different colours adjacent to the item picture(subject to item in question), instantly showing you what the different colour looks like. Other sites often leave you to guess what different customs look like, or even worse, cough up a misshapen photo-shop of the item in its variant colour, as if they couldn't just photograph the real thing. Each product also has a "Community Q and A", allowing real people who have used the product to review and answer any questions you may have prior to purchasing your item.

Ordering Your Item

"Q Card" holders can conveniently "Speed Buy", allowing instant purchase via charging their card. New customers are able to shop around as a Guest, and prior to checking out, are encouraged to create an account through which they can then access special discounts and offers. The wishlist function lets you store and remember the things you're saving up for, and there's an additional "save for later" option also allows you to save items short term without having to search for them all over again. The checkout service offers gift wrap options, and some products can even be paid for in instalments, ideal if you need an item quickly and don't have the cash up front. Check out is entirely uncomplicated and the website appears to cope very well with any requests.


All in all, a fantastic website from which to order a range of garden equipment. The layout offers seamless searching which is clear and accessible to everyone, and searches can be narrowed down by numerous filters to reduce the time you need to spend going through every item. Reviews are available on each product page as well as videos to give a true-to-life view of the item in use. Following a quick and easy email registration, you can opt to have your item gift wrapped, and be pleasantly surprised when some of your order has free shipping and handling. When purchasing garden equipment, QVC offers all you can really ask for in an online store.

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