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Welcome to Garden Power Equipment. On this website we showcase the very best in garden power tools and gardening equipment.

If you are looking for Garden Power tools such as Blowers, Chain Saws, Hedge Trimmers, Lawn Mowers, Pressure Washers, Shredders, Vacuums and more! We have the best gardening power equipment at the lowest price. We showcase all our products from Amazon.co.uk’s impressive range of quality products.

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With these great pieces of gardening hardware you can create your dream garden at an affordable cost. Keep you garden neat and trim with the latest lawnmowers and garden hedge trimmers. Whate ver your looking for we have a great selection of the top garden power tools on our website.

Bestselling Garden Power Equipment

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Top Buy Lawn Mowers

Flymo 600w Lawnew Compact 340

Flymo Turbo Lite Electric Hover Lawn Mower

Top Buy Garden Pressure Washers

Kärcher 300 T-Racer Pressure Washer

KÄRCHER K3.99MB Pressure Washer

Home and Garden Shop

Home and Garden Shops are great but they can be difficult to find and can be somewhat expensive compared to the larger garden centres and online garden websites.

Here are some of our top picks of Home and garden products from one the main online retailers Amazon.co.uk

Products for Home and Garden:

PowerBee Sentinel High Power Solar Security Light

Ideal to put of any unwanted intruders that come into your back yard or garden. The sensor is fully adjustable so you can change the timings, distance and output. Charge the batteries from the mains, then they can be used for over 1 hour continuously before they run out.

Defenders Mega-Sonic Cat Repeller

This easy to install cap repellant device is resistant to all types of weather and can protect your garden from cats, without causing any harm to the cat. It’s very useful for protecting plants, lawns, flowers, vegetation and any garden wildlife. The Defenders Mega-Sonic Cat Repeller requires 2x 9V alkaline batteries to run.

How does this work? It uses something called Passive Infra Red (PIR) to detect cats in the garden area. It uses sonic waves, in a sweeping range of frequencies including ultrasound to repel the cat. This clever device will only come on when it detects something in the garden, so it’s great for all round use, without using up loads of batteries and costing lots of money!

This is the same product that use to be called the “Big Cheese Cat Repeller” –
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Cheap Garden Tools

Get the cheapest yet good quality garden tools by searching the below form.

There are many types of garden tool brands that come in many prices. Some are targetted at the high quality, high spec end of the market and therefore can demand a much higher price. However, thanks to economies of scale and merging economies with mass industry such as China and India, we can now get high quality garden tools for very reasonable and low prices.

Some garden tool brands such as Bosch, Flymo and Karcher are well know garden power tool brands and are known for their quality and durability. It is always a difficult decision whether to spend alot now on a product that should last a long time, or to spend less money and replace it in a few years. This is a decision which each gardener should make based on their own budget for garden power equipment and tools. If you want cheap garden tools then they can be found but be wary about the long term quality!

Jumbo Size Paddling Pool

Forget paddling in a pool the size of the washing up bowl, enjoy the summer in style and get a jumbo size paddling pool!

This paddling pool is over 2.6 meters long and 1.7 meteres wide, and over 50 cm’s deep. This is a very sturdy paddling pool, ideal for kids and pets. There is also a handy quick deflation valve and extra heavy duty walls and repair kits to make sure that nothing spoils your paddling fun!

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Please note, you will need a pump to inflate this item

Hozelock Auto Reel

Do you find it a pain lugging around a heavy long hosepipe round the garden? Well now you don’t have too with the Hozelock Auto Reel. This handy wall-mounted hose reel will automatically feed and rewind the hozepipe to making gardening a pleasure, not a chore.

The self layering mechanism feeds the hose neatly onto the reel, in a stylishly effortless way. The wall bracket will also allow 180 degrees of rotation to hose your garden and patio at any angle.

Great, must buy for this summer! Order now from Amazon.co.uk

Garden Equipment from QVC

If like many people you're short on time and don't have the hours to trundle around your nearest garden centre, QVC has the solution. A transparent online superstore, offering everything you could possibly need under one online "roof". The website itself is easily found and straightforward to navigate, allowing searches by category: and as well as your standard online store, it offers helpful how-to guides and articles on plants and gardening tools.

Finding the Right Product

Browsing is about as simple as it gets; the site even recommends the top brands before you begin searching, giving you a solid overall picture before you begin. You can then customise your search by product type or brand, then for plants the list is endless- you can search for everything from price to bloom colour to planting zone. 

Each product has its own detailed description, product video, price and retail comparison, ensuring you're getting the best deal possible. Product videos are increasingly useful when shopping online as they show the product in use, give a good idea of the size of the item and often show set up if the item is convertible. QVC also make item customisation are simple as possible, with different colours adjacent to the item picture(subject to item in question), instantly showing you what the different colour looks like. Other sites often leave you to guess what different customs look like, or even worse, cough up a misshapen photo-shop of the item in its variant colour, as if they couldn't just photograph the real thing. Each product also has a "Community Q and A", allowing real people who have used the product to review and answer any questions you may have prior to purchasing your item.

Ordering Your Item

"Q Card" holders can conveniently "Speed Buy", allowing instant purchase via charging their card. New customers are able to shop around as a Guest, and prior to checking out, are encouraged to create an account through which they can then access special discounts and offers. The wishlist function lets you store and remember the things you're saving up for, and there's an additional "save for later" option also allows you to save items short term without having to search for them all over again. The checkout service offers gift wrap options, and some products can even be paid for in instalments, ideal if you need an item quickly and don't have the cash up front. Check out is entirely uncomplicated and the website appears to cope very well with any requests.

All in all, a fantastic website from which to order a range of garden equipment. The layout offers seamless searching which is clear and accessible to everyone, and searches can be narrowed down by numerous filters to reduce the time you need to spend going through every item. Reviews are available on each product page as well as videos to give a true-to-life view of the item in use. Following a quick and easy email registration, you can opt to have your item gift wrapped, and be pleasantly surprised when some of your order has free shipping and handling. When purchasing garden equipment, QVC offers all you can really ask for in an online store.

Why you SHOULD be buying garden equipment NOW!!!
<h2>Let’s face it </h2><p>while autumn is undoubtedly a season of stunning colours and fresh, crisp mornings, it is hardly the time of year when our gardens look their most presentable. As the weather becomes colder and wetter, the idea of weeding and general garden maintenance becomes less appealing, but this really is the time to be prepping your garden in readiness for the spring.</p><p><br /> <strong>Luckily</strong>, there is now such a variety of garden power tools available on the market that even the most back-breaking of tasks has been made manageable and more efficient so that getting your garden looking spick and span throughout the winter months does not have to be a daunting task.<br /> At this time of year, leaf blowers and garden vacs are a must-have and can rapidly transform a leaf-strewn lawn from looking like Mr Messy’s backyard to a neat and tidy garden in minutes. Power equipment such as these make a huge difference and are practical and easy to use. If you have a composter, make sure you put all your leaf-litter into this to increase nutritional richness.</p><p><br /> Take advantage of the remaining dry days to mow lawns, strim untidy edges and smarten up borders. Many lawnmowers are light-weight and can compact more volume of grass cuttings than ever before. If using a lawnmower is definitely not for you, why not invest in a robot lawnmower? These are becoming increasingly popular and many will operate in all weathers, with sophisticated technology that copes with all types of lawns and even return to the docking station to recharge, leaving you to simply curl up indoors with a cuppa.</p><p><br /> Hedges often become unwieldy unless they are maintained regularly and it is tempting to let them go over the winter, however this can cause problems if they obstruct other plants or encroach onto property outside your own. Trim them down to take care of trailing or drooping limbs as this will also help the pruning tasks in the spring. Some shrubs will benefit from being properly pruned in autumn but these will usually be hardy plants or soft fruits such as currants, so if you are unsure, simply cut back to make the plant more contained and prune as normal in spring. For large hedges and bushes, electric hedge trimmers are ideal and will give a beautiful, neat finish in no time at all. There are even power tools available for smaller work, so why not invest in some electric secateurs? These will take the strain off your hands and arms as they have significant cutting power and will prevent those pesky blisters, too!</p><p><br /> Don’t forget patios and paths. Sprucing them up now will keep them looking nice through to next year and also reduce the risk of slipping on built-up grime and wet leaves. Pressure washers come with a range of power and accessories, so forget the scrubbing brush; use a pressure washer on slabs and decking to blast away muck and moss and get the perfect finish.</p>